Things my mother told me ...

1:47 PM
Did your mother ever nag you to clean your room? Brush yo' teef? Save your pennies? My mother (probably) insisted I do all three. Not likely in ebonics, but my memory is spotty. It could totally happen. Totally ... but I digress.

Saving pennies is a fruitful venture. We hadn't intended to cash them in when we did, but I couldn't really leave them all over the floor. OKAY, backstory: As I was closing our closet door last Friday (Heading to Portland), I used my foot to push the vintage glass jug in front of the door so Lola didn't make a nest in my underwear (again) .. Well, there are two jugs there .. the smaller penny jar, holding approximately a gallon of pennies, and the larger (5 Gallon) jug, to hold the silver change. Well, I knocked the pennies into the silver change and busted the penny jar. So they got shuffled into a box, we vacuumed the glass and skipped town.

When we got home, we decided to let coinstar handle the mess I made:

As you can see, saving pennies really adds up. Did you know a gallon of pennies is almost fifty bucks? If you opt for a gift card or eCertificate instead of cash, you don't have to pay their lousy (9.8%!) counting fee! We decided to get a card we can actually use ..

Lesson learned? I guess it's "don't kick the pennies"?


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