5:17 PM
Hey guys ...

Wanna see something cool?

Meet Henry and Marion Lydell

This photo is from October 3, 1893. This is their wedding photo. Why am I showing you a photo that is 119 years old? Because, it's important. This man is responsible for the house. OUR house. This man built our house in 1897 - four years after marrying Marion, two years after their daughter, Vivian, was born.

Thanks to spring break, I've been treated to three luxurious days off (unpaid, but that's neither here nor there) to do with as I please. I've been pleased to spend the day in the library, pouring over neighborhood survey registers, public records, land records, polk directories, old high school yearbooks and local phonebooks.

The anthropologist/archaeologist in me is about to quit my day job and pursue this full-time. The husband-to-be in the next room over probably won't love that.

No new projects, just a priceless little slice of history that made my whole week.

I have to ask .. what's with the bum mugs, guys? Isn't it supposed to be a fantastic day?