Taking a break from the norm.

2:08 PM

This is Guardian, my neighbor’s dog. For those of you who don’t know - My neighbors (a man and woman, and their 18 month old daughter) were the victims of a violent home invasion last Tuesday (June 26th), held at gunpoint and robbed. When the intruders fled the scene, the family dog raced down the street to catch them. He got one good bite in before the thieves were able to shoot him. Eight shots were fired in all (practically in my front yard) and three hit the dog.

The dog was shot THREE TIMES. (once, straight down into the back, and twice in his legs) He spent the night in an emergency vet clinic and was transferred, later, to our neighborhood vet. Our neighborhood is a historic landmark and a safe, quiet place. This event scared the living daylights out of every one of my neighbors. So, that’s why I’ve set up an online fundraiser to help offset some of the costs. If you can help, please do: even a couple dollars helps .. If you can’t, PLEASE share this link. These people have been completely violated, and their dog was very nearly killed in the process of protecting them. They’re wonderful people with a very sick dog. I am doing the very best I can to help alleviate some of the stress from the bills. They've been robbed, violated and terrorized; Please consider helping!

The fundraiser can be seen here: www.indiegogo.com/GuardiantheGuardian
Thank you!

Here are some photos of him with their little girl from last night - He's  home now, but still far from healed:


Longest week ever ...

1:51 PM
Wow, guys. Sorry about that .. apparently "later this week" means "nearly two months" in Lanny-speak.

Things always pick up, and the days blend into weeks and before I know it .. It's two days before my birthday (*AHEM*) and I still haven't followed through on that tease. I'm the worst!

This is Lola. She's typically an indoor cat, but I let her come out if she wears a harness and leash. She felt like helping this time.

This paver pad is brought to you by the number 8.

D, painstakingly lining up each paver to ensure that it's not only level from side-to-side, but also front and back and diagonal...

We're a little OCD


She was in charge of the whole operation.

Sand in the cracks .. not just an insult anymore!

Shooka shooka shooka ...

All the parts, laid out, ready for assembly!

Greetings from the interior!

3/4 walls are standing. These are good odds.

Burning the midnight oil..

..I should probably admit that I don't actually know what that means..


Ridge cap! (I'm amazed at all the random terms I'm learning. Never would have thought...)

When Jesus said, "IT IS FINISHED", I'm PRETTY SURE* he was talking about this.

 Goodnight Coop!
I peeked outside the following morning to find that it was STILL THERE!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch .. I slipped into my farmiest gear to play the part of chicken-keeper.

D, installing the roost .. and subsequently locking  himself in the coop

(sidenote: look at all that thatch! There's always work to be done on the farm)


Nest boxes

Pullet-moving gear!

Picking out our new hens!

The eagle has landed

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce our girls...

Only the best (soy-free, organic layer mix) for our babies

(L): Janet Reno (R): Ruth Bader Ginsburg

First Egg!


I love my little farm family!

Is that all? OH NO! THAT'S NOT ALL! (why would that be all?!) After we built the foundation and assembled the coop, we still needed the fence around the coop to allow them outside time during the day!

The fence turned  out to be a tricky endeavor. Welded wire fence attached to ugly, green t-posts was not the aesthetic we had in mind for our girls. We wanted to "wrap" the posts with wood to provide some continuity. We ended up borrowing D's dad's table saw again and cutting channels down the center of a 1"x3" a nd a 2"x3" to "wrap" the post and sandwich the wire (attached to the fence) between.

As with any of our projects, we did it the hard our own way.

The posts, however, turned out to look completely adorable. We capped them, cut channels into a few 1"x1" for a "top rail" and stained it all to match the coop.

D designed, and built a gate too!

And finally, here are our girls, resting on their NEW roost. (they didn't like the branch we so thoughtfully scoured the northwest for, so we installed this beaut' and added a 1"x4" on top [not pictured] and we've never looked back)

Next up: D and Lanny get cornrows...

Always an adventure around here .. stay tuned!

*Probably not.