A wintery recap

6:09 PM
Okay, a HOLIDAY-Y recap. Because we've still got about 11 months of Pacific Northwest winter to go. It feels that way anyway.


Looking on the bright side, we're all furnace'd up for the winter (and hopefully many years to come) and haven't worried about the external temperature except in how it will affect our chickens.

We installed our lights early (WAY before the snow made it unsafe to do so) 
Then, D added the lovely touch of "flickering" LED "candles" in all the windows.
You probably wouldn't notice them if I hadn't pointed them out.
We like them. That's what counts, I guess?

Clementine doesn't dig christmas ornaments. In fact, he's probably still too terrified to spend any time in the living room due to the fact that we put a tree in it that one time... He promptly hid behind the dryer when we brought it inside and wouldn't come out .. not even for dinner.


A lovely free-range, organic Christmas tree of my very own!
Baby's first Christmas [tree]!
Clementine is still not sure what the hell the point is,
but he's tolerating being in the same room with it.
Is this where you put the ornaments?
Go home Lanny, you're drunk.
After we got the holidays out of the way, we got right back to work!
We got so drunk on being warm (instead of being real drunk), we decided to pick up the work on the fireplace again:
We are working on chipping away the old mortar because somewere along the way, a previous owner painted the fireplace mint green. Then brown. So the mortar is stained. (You can see the line where the paint has been removed)

The vintage mantelpiece we bought to wrap the stone.
Lola is supervising.

Another fun aftermarket addition: arches. Everywhere.
Our opinion of this design element is self-evident. 

These doors were original to the house, moved into the attic to act as makeshift flooring behind the walls. We weren't sure whether to reinstate them, however, after this photo was taken, it was nearly a no-brainer. We will need to bring the walls back to accommodate the appropriate width. These are gorgeous five-panel doors. I can't not have them!
xoxo -


2013: the year of the blog!

1:58 PM
Is this the year I finally keep ahead of my blogging needs? MAYBE?

Good enough ...

You guys, GUESS WHAT?!

After seven years of home ownership and six winters of space heaters and a thermostat set to 55° WE FINALLY GOT A NEW FURNACE!



I was noticing how exciting this development was after I was home for an afternoon and D remarked how warm it was when he came home from work.

"I cranked it up to 65°!"

The comedy of this was not lost on either of us. "Cranked" to 65.

Relative, man. I tell you what, though .. I'll be cranking that bad boy a lot in the future. I know how to live it up!


real recap soon!