2013: the year of the blog!

1:58 PM
Is this the year I finally keep ahead of my blogging needs? MAYBE?

Good enough ...

You guys, GUESS WHAT?!

After seven years of home ownership and six winters of space heaters and a thermostat set to 55° WE FINALLY GOT A NEW FURNACE!



I was noticing how exciting this development was after I was home for an afternoon and D remarked how warm it was when he came home from work.

"I cranked it up to 65°!"

The comedy of this was not lost on either of us. "Cranked" to 65.

Relative, man. I tell you what, though .. I'll be cranking that bad boy a lot in the future. I know how to live it up!


real recap soon!

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Lanny is a reluctantly-homeowning anthropologist busying herself with blogging while her husband does all the work on their historic house. In her abundant spare time, she likes to cycle, perfect breakdancing moves, perform at all local rap battles, and research the original owner and map his genealogy in hopes of lurking his descendants on Facebook.

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  1. It's a beautiful house, Leigh. You and Destry are creating a gorgeous place! Enjoy!